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Public Transport


Integrated management
Based on the multi-level authority limits management model, integrate different level departments management, equipment, clearing, smart cardaffairs management, online monitor, convenient query and policy analysis etc. the solution achieves intelligent transport management system.

Wireless conntection
Support real-time online and offline transmission patterns, support GPRS, CDMA, Zigbee, Infrared communications etc., Zigbee technology adopts 2.4GHz free frequency channel.

Fleet monitor
Mix RFID, GPS, GIS, GPRS/CDMA technologies together. Administer the fleet monitor, vehicles information, dispatching, location, authorization management, routes management, driver attendance, security alarm, vehicles audio recording, photo snap, map of locus, SMS etc.

System integration
One card management, GPS fleet monitor, 3G multi-media publish multi business integrated. Third party such as other one card solutions can be connected with to achieve a comprehensive transport management system.

Structure diagram

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