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Citizen Card

As an important symbol of modern civilization, citizen smart card system is a government-led, market-oriented project, which is expedient for optimizing urban social public service procedure, achieving trans-regional, inter-departmental integration and sharing of resources, promoting rural-urban integration, and is associated with people's life and transport; It fully utilizes social resources of city, transportation, finance, education, social security, sanitation, tourism, community, enhancing city's overall grade, promoting development of digital, liveable intelligent city, establishing "better city, better life" image. 



System Topology



The system features multi-level settlement structure, distinct data flow, system keys security mechanism. The system is divided into central settlement, unified card affairs, key management, data exchange as "kernel platform" application, it accomplishes the share application with public transport, taxi, health, education, commerce, campus, community, enterprises, utilities etc, and provide policy decision support for the government. Citizen holds card or mobile phone to pay conveniently. citizen smart card system may integrate with local campus one card system andpublic transport solution into a comprehensive one card solutions.

Data integration and share
Basic data and information of various operators are integrated and shared, make a "cloud computing" digital city data center.

Contingency management
Integrating the smart city card system public data warehouse with urban traffic, travel, health, public security, community, campus contingency resources and share these information, matched with WEB+WAP, GIS+GPS locating, video monitor, mobile phone terminal patterns, provide a trans-regional, trans-system city public contingency precaution, directing, dispatching and policy decision comprehensive service.

Online recharging/payment management
Citizen online self service: recharging, payment, shopping, game and lottery payment, transaction information and balance query functions.

Key management
Multi-level security management structure, conform to relevant standards, Multiply industry key security management among systems, terminals and cards.

Capital settlement management
Achieve the capital clearing settlement among banks, suppliers, operators, transports, utilities; and be expandable to other cities forming an intercity settlement.

Unified ID authentication
Provide unified ID authentication management solution for each sub-centre; achieve authority limits management, classified authority, digital certificate, log audit etc security, promote the system’s security and reliability.



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