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Public Safety

Within the information flowing between citizens, responders, and agencies is the intelligence that builds a safer city. EKEMP Solutions can help you collect more of it, make it actionable and securely distribute it across mission-critical devices and easy-to-manage networks. It's the technology and expertise that turns noise into information, information into intelligence, and intelligence into safety. And it's how to do the absolute most with less — build safer cities, counties and states, and communities that thrive.   



Real-Time Crime Center

Deliver more operational intelligence than ever before to law enforcement officers approaching an incident.

Connected Law Enforcement Officer

Give officers the reliable, real-time information they need to stay safe and the street-ready tools they need to be more efficient.

Fireground Solutions

Keep firefighters safer and commanders more informed with rugged tools for the most demanding situations.

Connected Emergency Medical Services

Provide emergency medical service first responders with real-time information across the continuum of emergency care, from the incident scene to the hospital emergency room.

Next Generation Integrated Command and Control

Empower command centers and dispatchers to make responders—and cities—safer by capturing, correlating and sharing more information than ever.

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