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Transportation & Logistics

In order to meet the industry demand for services, providing a complete mobile solution, EKEMP via mobile PDA mobile computing, data acquisition (for example, bar code, RFID), mobile computing (eg: WLAN, GPRS / CDMA or 3G), so that enterprises can be in any anytime, anywhere for data collection operations, on-site maintenance services, large-scale industrial operation device management, environmental data, dynamic driving control of the situation, such as corporate databases, real-time synchronization, you can also field staff PDA (personal digital assistant), work in real time real-time data return business. Not only in the prevention of accidents on the basis of information processing speed, but also through IT process management, a high level of protection of the quality of work, enhance the overall image.

Collaborative Scheduling Management: With hand-h ...
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RFID Transportation
As globalization increases and the time and distance between the point of manufacturing and the poin ...
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Warehouse Management
ENSURE ACCURACY OF INVENTORY LEVELS Use mobile and wireless warehouse inventory management technolog ...
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