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Public bike share system(Y-bike)
As city expands and city capacity is getting larger and larger, problems of climate pollution and difficulties in taking short trip by public vehicle have become increasingly serious, providing an unprecedented opportunity for the business of the public bicycle rental system. Following the development of network technology and mobile internet technology, by analyzing the experience of public bicycle rental system home and abroad, EKEMP INT’L LIMITED launch a new version of public bicycle rental system Y-Bike. This system aims at exempting the public bicycle rental system from the necessity of excavation on the ground, finishing the rental service automatically, and constructing a basic network of city public information.
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1. Multiple choices for power source: can be plugged directly with commercial power of the city, and also with new energy resources such as the solar electric power and wind power, etc.

2. Back-up power source: the station can continue to function for 48 hours even if the main power is cut off.

3. No excavation needed: all terminal equipments can be connected through wireless method.

4. Automatization: self-help service, such as self-help registering a card, and self-help complaints and so on.

5. Public information platform: wifi hot spot, handy service for the public, government notice. Furthermore, LED screen can be set up as needed.

6. Adaptable to harsh environment: the fan and the power swith can be controlled according to the temperature and humidity of the main frame.

7. System update: can selectively update the system by SD card or remote server, reducing time and cost for upgrading and maintaining the system.

8. Touch screen: friendly user interface.

9. Free web surfing: short time web surfing for free, such as 10 minutes.

10. To twit coupon information: the station is integrated with coupon information of near-by hotels, restaurants, entertainments,etc. The coupon information can be twitted through text.

11. Support connecting Self-help vending machine: the self-help vending machine can be connected to the system and exchange real-time data with the sever

12. Safekeeping for customers’ personal vehicles: registered users can keep their own bicycle at the bicycle rental station. The station would charge a proportion of commission.

13. Support integrated cards: support integrating credit card, e-wallet, unionpay card, bus card. 

14. Self-help recharging: support cell phone self-help recharging.

15. QR code scan: can recognize QR code information, for example, users can book the bicycle in remote place, and borrow the bicycle at the station by scanning QR code .

16. Cellphone App: users can enjoy services of searching, booking, and canceling the bike. It  also can deliver advertising, enhancing functions of the social network, enabling users to organize off-line social activities, and increasing possibilities for uses to interact with each other.

17. Expansibility for multi interface: in order to meet the growing business in the terminals, it can be expanded to have multi subsidiary controlling interface.

18. Smart bicycle: function of controlling the front-and-rear lights, calculating the mileage ; GPS Tracker function, locating the traveling track, avoiding lost of bicycle; bringing in the the calorie calculation, ensuring healthy trip; RFID signature for bicycle, system recognizing the bicycle automatically.

19. Fully utilize the space of the management box, front-and-rear wheels, and bicycle holder to advertise, increasing operating revenue.


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